World’s Smartest IoT Test Automation Platform 

Reduced risk of failure

The price you pay for bugs and issues in field trials, or, even worse, post-launch, can be prohibitively high. Conventional methods like using recorded data can never provide the comprehensive scenario coverage needed to ensure faultless performance. Using Doppelio’s IoT Test Automation Platform to test your IoT systems thoroughly and early, can help you avoid the high costs of fixing things too late, and the attendant consequences like potential damage to your brand, human injury or even loss of life.

Faster time to market

With Doppelio, software and hardware teams can work effectively in parallel without handoffs and delays. Testing with physical devices can be laborious and time consuming whereas with Doppelio, testing can be carried out superfast with scaling on-demand. Fewer defects going into field trials means less time and effort required for successful completion of field tests. Finally, our low code, easy to use platform removes the usual bottlenecks in getting projects up and running.

Lower cost of quality

With easy modelling of devices and tests, the ability to create comprehensive scenarios across devices, conditions, and time thereby reducing the need for many physical devices and repeated field tests, and an integration into the full IoT system lifecycle, you can significantly reduce the cost incurred in ensuring a high quality end-product. No capex required with our fully managed SaaS model.

Ease of use and integration

Modelling and running simulations through our UI console minimizes the need for complex code, and our pre-built Doppel models make it very easy to start testing. With our APIs, you can easily integrate Doppelio into your existing test platform. No new learning curve or complexity of managing another tool or environment.