Webinar: Don't Gamble with IoT Quality

About the webinar

Poorly tested IoT systems cost businesses millions of dollars – product recalls, delayed launches, and even loss of life and injury. Bugs and issues during field trials or post-launch can be devastatingly expensive, not to mention harmful to your brand’s reputation, and often lead to lost revenues.

Physical device testing can be a hassle with all the laborious steps, slow progress, and frustrating handoffs and delays. The current methods relying on recorded data or homegrown simulators fail to provide you with the necessary comprehensive scenario coverage. IoT scenarios are complex. Most simulators don’t address them, e.g., testing across edge and cloud, network conditions, and device-to-cloud scenarios like remote command and control.

View this compelling webinar as we delve into the critical aspects of testing IoT applications at scale, new-age automated testing methods for load, functionality, and performance. 

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Meet our Speakers

David Gersabeck

David Gersabeck

Senior Director IoT Engineering

Otis Elevator Co.

Gaurav Johri

Gaurav Johri

Co-Founder and CEO, Doppelio