Smart Metering Solution

A Case Study


  • The client is a Fortune 100 Engineering and Tech Company

  • They were digitally transforming their product portfolio to cloud and as-a-service models

  • The challenge was to test their smart metering platform used by gas utilities for different customer configurations and field realities like network conditions

  • Diverse types of devices needed to be supported

  • Execute load, performance and network condition testing for legacy protocols

Before Doppelio

  • Functional testing with limited device types

  • High dependence on channel teams to test for other device types

  • Homegrown simulator limitations in replicating actual device behavior

  • Inability to test for field conditions that are dependent on network behavior in remote deployments

  • Test coverage, consistency and repeatability was a major challenge

  • Unable to baseline server performance and resource requirement

  • Challenging field conditions were encountered in remote deployments 

With Doppelio

  • Rapidly created virtual models of different types of meters and gateway

  • Tested for various customer configurations, unlimited scenarios, including happy & unhappy paths and required loads & network conditions

  • Faster product cycles, higher quality releases, and reduced cost of quality

Doppelio Impact

Faster testing with Doppelio’s UI

Faster product cycles with higher quality

Reduced dependence on channel partners

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