Industrial Product  Testing

A Case Study



  • The client is a Fortune 500 diversified industrial product and solutions company

  • They were digitizing their product portfolio to drive future growth

  • The client retrofitted the digital solutions on a diversified, traditional product portfolio

  • As a result, testing of the digital solution from functional to load was a challenge

Before Doppelio

  • No direct access to actual machines
  • Dependency on machine teams was a bottleneck
  • Can’t test for unhappy paths
  • In-house simulators had limited capability and weren’t always possible
  • Building & maintaining simulators was a challenge

With Doppelio

  • Create virtual models of the products and gateways 

  • Tested for unlimited scenarios including happy and unhappy paths

  • Easily tested for the required loads

  • Doppelio’s UI enabled the rapid adoption of the product

  • Digital teams were able to test comprehensively without too much dependence on the machine teams

Doppelio Impact

Faster product cycles

Faster product cycles with higher quality

Reduced cost of quality