Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) testing for the  connected vehicles

A Case Study


  • The client is a global engineering firm. Their solution is rearchitected for an OEM who will be running over a million connected vehicles
  • Challenge was ensuring FOTA campaigns are executed successfully across the entire customer base
  • Support many device variants and software layers to support
  • A failed FOTA can have a significant financial and business impact on the customer and hence it was important to ensure 100% reliability

Before Doppelio

  • Low or no access to all hardware variants

  • Need to prepare each variant for different versions of software across each layer

  • Create scenarios in the test bench for power cycles, storage condition

  • Network testing only possible in Field Tests

  • Testing for scale was not possible

  • Below par test repeatability and consistency 

With Doppelio

  • Rapidly created virtual models of the device variants with actual device applications running on them
  • Defined unlimited test scenarios by varying device conditions along with network and scale
  • Access to a comprehensive test bed to rigorously validate the FOTA subsystem
  • Achieved faster test cycles and lower cost of quality

Doppelio Impact

Reduced the risk of product recalls

20x improvement in the speed of testing

Improvement in lab test coverage from 75% to 90%

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