Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) testing for the  connected vehicles

A Case Study


The client is a global engineering firm. Their solution is rearchitected for an OEM who will be running over a million connected vehicles. Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) is a critical capability for connected vehicles. A failed FOTA can have a significant financial and business impact for the customer and hence it was important to ensure 100% reliability. 


  • Varied connected system software at play from Telematics, engine OEM, and vehicle OEM
  • Software updates without impacting the performance and the device reliability

  • Significant penalties, product recalls, and brand erosion if the FOTA fails
  • Testing FOTA for various combinations of scale, power, network, storage, and other critical parameters
  • Current methods of field, bench, and protocol agent based testing was leading to last minute quality surprises, GTM delays/risks, and excessive QA cost


The client used Doppelio for testing FOTA for their connected vehicles. With Doppelio, they created virtual instances of telematics devices and tested an unlimited number of scenarios. For example, the testers could drive a virtual truck from Bangalore to Pune with the exact conditions of GPS, network, sensor data, etc., for different test scenarios sitting right at their desks.

The testing was done across the telematics software, engine OEM, vehicle OEM and other applications. The testing variables included power fluctuations, network drops, device health telemetry and the scale. The test scenarios covered were, network test, roll back test, package test, sync test, state transition test and a dozen more. 


  • Comprehensive scenario validation which wasn’t possible earlier

  • Full-stack IoT test automation from edge to cloud

  • Faster test results

  • Improved tester productivity

  • Seamless load testing with on-demand scaling