Testing the connected tractor as a service

A Case Study


  • The client is a Tractor OEM launching Connected Service Offerings
  • Bouquet of services included applications, such as acreage calculator, fuel pilferage alerts, geofence
  • Testing objective – Ensure feature reliability above desired levels e.g. accuracy > 95%

Before Doppelio

  • Tractors were driven around a field to test for different scenarios
  • Several combinations were needed to test all scenarios – Different tractor models, field shapes, varying speeds, tool widths, network conditions, GPS availability, scale and more
  • It was impossible to generate all of these with the prevailing method
  • Test repeatability and consistency was below par

With Doppelio

  • Effortlessly created virtual models of the tractors and drove on any field on Google Maps
  • Defined unlimited test scenarios by varying vehicle parameter along with network and GPS conditions to test for any number of tractors
  • Comprehensive test coverage on demand
  • Accelerated Connected Tractor launch with high degree of confidence and reduced cost of quality

Doppelio Impact

Created virtual models and tested in a breeze using Doppelio’s UI

10x improvement in the speed of testing

Improvement in lab test coverage from 50% to 90%

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