Testing the connected tractor as a service

A Case Study


The client is a Fortune 100 global engineering firm. The latest offering from the global major is to help its OEMs to offer connected tractors as a service rather than selling the vehicles. 

Telematics devices are mounted on the tractor and the system would send the data to the cloud application. This data is used to charge the customers based on the usage basis. The accuracy of the data is critical it impacts the top/bottom line and also key indicators to improve the product performance.


  • Thorough testing of software across the device and cloud
  • Too many variants of vehicles and implements
  • Challenges of off-highway conditions impacting data like GPS, Network Availability
  • Inaccurate data can lead to significant revenue leakage
  • Complex algorithms based on data streams and sensor fusion


The client used Doppelio for testing their connected tractor platform. It was nearly impossible for a software testers to recreate real-life conditions as there were too many variants involved. Doppelio helped them to virtualize and simulate the entire environment from the tractor size, field shape and size, vehicle speed, network quality, and algorithms. All of this even without stepping into the field. Additionally, scale testing was also executed to validate the performance at load and economic aspects. 

With Doppelio, the client could easily drive a virtual tractor across various shapes and sizes of fields at different speeds, fuel levels, tool width and many other variables. The testing under varied scenarios gave confidence in the data accuracy which is business-critical for the client.


  • Compliance with OEM quality and scalability requirements
  • Reduced risk of failure in field trials and post-launch
  • Super-fast testing Faster time to market
  • Improved the testing team’s quality of deliverables and productivity