Testing Connected Elevators 

A Case Study


  • The client is transforming its business to as-a-service model adding digitally enabled smart after-market service offerings

  • They had to test their connected platform to collect and process very large amounts of data

  • There were growing challenges with increasing scale, multiple business use cases under development, platform enhancements to deal with ever growing processing costs

  • The business was looking to manage application performance at scale, while controlling the operational costs that directly impact margin

Before Doppelio

  • Customer was using a home-grown simulator that was unable to simulate large device like loads 

  • It was challenging to perform full stack tests for certain complex flows like FOTA
  • Hitting limits on the scale it could support and was becoming a nightmare to run & report across many VMs
  • The simulator code needed to be continuously enhanced and maintained as the application is enhanced

  • There were business  escalations on many scenarios that passed in validation using homegrown simulators 

  • The development team had to spend a lot of time and effort enhancing and managing the home grown simulator

With Doppelio

  • Effortlessly create virtual models of different types of devices and extensively simulate a wide range of data, networks and load

  • Test for various and scenarios quickly without having to write simulation code

  • Validate scalability of complex features like FOTA in realistic conditions

  • Test for varying network conditions
  • All this was a breeze using Doppelio’s UI without dependency on developers

Doppelio Impact

Tested 50K elevators. Now scaling to 250K elevators

Compressed days of preparation to a few clicks

Testers could identify several bottlenecks, recommend architectural updates and deliver faster results

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