Ensuring connected car platform scalability 

A Case Study



  • The client is an auto OEM launching connected vehicles
  • Faced challenges to ensure the connected car platform scalability
  • Functional testing of the application features like remote climate control, live tracking, and geofence were not consistent
  • The client had to control the platform operating costs at scale

Before Doppelio

  • MQTT simulators were used along with strenuous vehicle field tests

  • Unable to test for scale, network and GPS conditions, command and control scenarios

  • Below par test repeatability and consistency

With Doppelio

  • Smoothly created virtual models of the cars and simulated driving under various conditions

  • Tested for unlimited scenarios by varying vehicle parameters, user actions (remote climate control) along with network and GPS conditions

  • The customer was able to launch the Connected Car with a high degree of confidence, on time, and a reduced cost of quality
  • All this was a breeze using Doppelio’s UI

Doppelio Impact

Easily tested for loads up to 1 million vehicles

Improvement of 10x in speed and lab test coverage from 50% to 90%

Saved millions of dollars in OpEx by simulating different cost scenarios