Cloud Security Management Platform Testing

A Case Study


  • The client is a Fortune 100 Engineering and Tech company

  • Digitally transforming their product portfolio to cloud and as-a-service models

  • Testing their cloud-based security management platform used by SMB customers globally

  • Testing need to be executed for a very high scale

  • Frequent product releases hence need to test faster

Before Doppelio

  • In-house simulators were unable to deliver on scale and time to market demands

  • They were cumbersome and expensive to maintain and operate

  • Diverted key technical talent away from product innovation and development

With Doppelio

  • Rapidly and accurately created virtual models of the access control, intrusion detection devices and gateways 

  • Tested for unlimited scenarios and at  required loads

  • Simple UI made the testing a breeze 

  • Moved to faster product cycles, higher quality releases, and reduced cost of quality

  • No more need to invest critical resources for maintaining and operating custom simulators

Doppelio Impact

Test for unlimited scenarios

Faster product cycles with higher quality

Release the critical resources

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