Juggling too many testing parameters and priorities? Effortlessly test IoT applications at scale with Doppelio

IoT testing needs a different tester mindset and a tool that aligns with the business goals. Doppelio offers just that.

IoT testing made simple and 10X faster 

In the complex world of IoT, with complex algorithms, infinite scenarios, a multitude of devices, and siloed teams, comprehensive testing is easier said than done.

Doppelio lets you Virtualize physical devices and Simulate their data behavior very easily. These simulated devices or Doppels and the test scenarios will help you test your IoT Applications comprehensively without dependence on physical devices. You can model not just individual devices but the entire system of things your application is required to work with. You can also inject real-world conditions such as network errors, and sensor faults, to test boundary conditions fully.

Compared to typical API or web testing tools – which were never designed for IoT testing – Doppelio virtualizes your physical devices including their state, their behavior over time, and their protocols, enabling you to achieve high fidelity with your actual physical devices.

A fully managed SaaS platform, Doppelio provides on-demand scaling which lets you test for scale and performance with ease, any time. Doppelio is designed as a low code platform, so your teams will become productive very quickly.

Doppelio is a single platform for multiple types of testing – Functional, Performance, Scale, Network, and Regression. You can also use it for Post Release Troubleshooting. It integrates with your existing test platforms like Selenium and Postman, via our rich REST API.

Doppelio Screen
Doppelio Screen
Doppelio Virtualize Test Automation Platform


Doppelio lets you configure the virtual twin in a few clicks: set up datapoints, formats, endpoints to send to, periodic publishes, and more, to create a high fidelity doppel. Whether you want to virtualize data or hardware to run your firmware, Doppelio handles it all.


With Doppelio you can configure many test scenarios, to test your happy paths, corner cases, and different patterns of data. You can also simulate faulty sensors, patchy networks, and loads of hundreds of thousands of devices on demand.

Doppelio Test Automation Platform Simulate
Doppelio Test Automation Platform


Doppelio lets you automate the testing across the lifecycle from Unit Testing to Post Release troubleshooting and supports multiple types of testing and on-demand scaling. The platform is easy to integrate with popular testing platforms, it plugs one of the few remaining gaps in the CI/CD pipeline.