Run functional & performance tests with a wide range of network scenarios

Simulate network bandwidths, latencies, errors and more

Success Story: Network Condition Testing

Network Condition Testing

Network communication is a critical part of any IoT system and the variations in network conditions can impact the quality from both functional and performance perspectives.  

With Doppelio, you can run functional and performance tests with a wide range of network conditions to avoid surprises in the field.

Doppelio Screen

Simulate a wide range of network scenarios

TCP Layer 2 & 3

  • Network profiles – WIFI, 2G, 3G, 4G
  • Network bandwidth rate
  • Network latency
  • Packet level – loss, corruption duplication and reordering rate
  • Packet Fragmentation (MTU sizes)

Message Level

  • Connection drops
  • Message drops
  • Delayed messages
  • Out of order messages
  • Duplicate messages
  • Buffered messages

Geographical Spread

  • Devices connecting to multiple regional brokers
  • All devices connecting to a central broker at different latencies

Purpose-built to test IoT applications

  • Doppelio’s patent pending approach leverages the concepts of virtualization and simulation to give you a test bed that is a very close replica of the real world
  • Testers can simulate the network conditions at the network layer and message layer seamlessly in a repeatable fashion
  • Doppelio is being continuously updated to incorporate new protocols and IoT platforms to enable test automation of your unique IoT environment
  • Support for popular protocols like MQTT, AMQP, Protobuf, RabbitMQ, HTTP,  custom application protocols built on TCP/UDP, and more.

  • Out-of-the-box support for IoT Cloud platforms like Azure IoTHub, AWS IoT Core, and Google Cloud IoT. Custom-built IoT platforms are also supported.

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