Hyper-Scale IoT Load Testing As-a-Service

Simulate Device Loads for Cloud and Gateway Testing

Success Story: Load Testing of IoT Applications

Load testing of IoT applications

IoT app architectures involve a complex set of services communicating using asynchronous messages. Each of the components across layers have their own throttles, queue sizes, and throughput specifications. Apps may not work correctly even at a scale of few hundred devices due to improper configurations or non performant code at any of these layers.

This can lead to costly surprises late in the release cycle. If unresolved, they can result in poor customer experience and high operating costs.

Doppelio Screen

Built for IoT load testing

Replicating Devices at Scale

  • Very High Scale – upto 1 mn devices
  • Connection-oriented protocols
  • Bidirectional communication (device to cloud, cloud to device)
  • High Data volume, velocity, and veracity
  • Combine with network scenarios like availability, data rates, latency

For Cloud App Stack

  • Multiple data and payload scenarios
  • Data intensive scenarios like FOTA
  • Command handling at scale
  • Connect/disconnect behaviours
  • Distribute devices across multiple scenarios

For Testing the Gateway Stack

  • Simulate data from other gateways and devices that aren’t directly connected to the cloud
  • Validate for the maximum supported connections and the data throughput
  • Cloud communication at varying data rates and network conditions

Purpose-built to test IoT applications

  • Doppelio’s patent pending approach leverages the concepts of virtualization and simulation to give you a test bed that is a very close replica of the real world
  • Being a SaaS platform, testers can simulate the given load without having to worry about the infrastructure requirements hence saving considerable time and effort
  • Automated metrics collection and reporting for faster troubleshooting
  • Doppelio is being continuously updated to incorporate new protocols and IoT platforms to enable test automation of your unique IoT environment
  • Support for popular protocols like MQTT, AMQP, Protobuf, RabbitMQ, HTTP,  custom application protocols built on TCP/UDP, and more.

  • Out-of-the-box support for IoT Cloud platforms like Azure IoTHub, AWS IoT Core, and Google Cloud IoT. Custom-built IoT platforms are also supported.

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