Automate Functional Testing With Ease

Test for unlimited device data, network & environment scenarios 

Success Story: Functional Testing of IoT Applications

Functional testing of IoT applications

To ensure IoT apps behave as expected, they should be tested across a lot of areas i.e. web, mobile, API, device management, database, real-time data processing, data ingestion scenarios, batch data and reconciliation of old stored data from devices. This is a daunting task, often partly done.

Doppelio makes testing all of them a breeze with none of the time and cost of your current methods.

Doppelio Screen

Simulate unlimited scenarios

Data Values

  • Combinations of multiple parameters
  • Multiple iterations
  • Above or below thresholds
  • Missing or Junk values


  • Sequencing different kinds of payloads
  • Arriving late or in a different order
  • Missed payloads
  • Duplicate payloads communication characteristics arising out of network condition

User Actions

  • User actions on the applications resulting in device communication
  • Data & events coming from the devices
  • User actions spanning across the applications on the cloud and the device

Purpose-built to test IoT applications

  • Doppelio’s patent-pending approach leverages the concepts of virtualization and simulation to give you a testbed that is a very close replica of the real world.
  • Test scenarios are easy to create with Doppelio Web Application without having to write even a single line of code.
  • Doppelio is being continuously updated to incorporate new protocols and IoT platforms to enable test automation of your unique IoT environment.
  • Support for popular protocols like MQTT, AMQP, Protobuf, RabbitMQ, HTTP,  custom application protocols built on TCP/UDP, and more.

  • Out-of-the-box support for IoT Cloud platforms like Azure IoTHub, AWS IoT Core, and Google Cloud IoT. Custom-built IoT platforms are also supported.

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