IoT Test Automation of Connected Operations


Fully testing your Connected Operations supersystem

When the entire shop floor relies on your Connected Operations Solutions to perform flawlessly, their testing needs to be thorough, so as to account for combinations of multiple machines, environmental, software, and hardware conditions, and is able to deal with the low latency response requirement that comes with such a system. 

Have you crossed all the t’s, for your Connected Operations system?

  • Large numbers of interrelated asset telemetry parameters changing over time – for example, pressure variations with time and based on other assets
  • Scenarios combining asset parameters and environmental streams
  • Error conditions such as threshold breaches and sensor jitter
  • Physical conditions such as network drops, interference, retransmission and jitter
  • Commands from cloud to machine, and machine to machine, and both success and error responses and actions for these commands
Doppelio Connected Operations Testing
Doppelio Connected Operations Testing

Doppelio begins where other tools end. Doubling the IoT tester efficiency and quality

Traditional testing or simulation tools hardly scratch the surface when it comes to these kinds of tests. That’s where we come in: Doppelio enables you to test all these conditions and more, by enabling you to create data twins of your vehicles and their subsystems, and exercising them by authoring test scenarios to mimic both asset-to-gateway-to-cloud and cloud-to-gateway-to-asset data with high fidelity including physical condition simulations.

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Use our configurator to create data models of your product variants – the Doppel Model

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Use our test builder to create sequences of test steps exercising these Doppel Models

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Overlay faults to create physical world conditions of environment, network, and sensor failures

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Spin up as many assets – the Doppels – as you want, with your chosen distribution across model variants

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Execute your tests in sequence or in combination, on as many Doppel combinations for functional and load tests