Passionate about solving the real-world challenges

There is a story of unsolved business challenge behind every innovation. So did for us. 

Testing, perhaps, is one of the underrated functions. Most feel that breaking the software code can be a fun job. So did we, until we were faced with the implementation of a smart building platform across 120+ buildings, 5000+ sensors in each building, and 250+ business rules. Each building with building management systems and infrastructures.  The product was ready for implementation except that there was one small step, as we thought, is yet to be done – testing the solution in all scenarios and for each building. We rushed the testers and the implementation was nightmarish and long. 

There’s got to be a smarter way to test these smart things without pounding the testers in the eleventh hour.

Our single line idea

“The product must enable testers to test the IoT applications in multiple scenarios, business rules and across devices without even stepping out of the office.”

The idea of Doppelio took root. 

What does doppelio mean?

Virtualized twins of devices and a simulated environment is the heart of our solution

Doppel means double or copy in German, as used in doppelgänger

Hence doppel + io = doppelio 

Doppelo Connected Supply chain Testing
Doppelio Connected Operations Testing

The team that is changing the lives of IoT testers and the connected businesses

Gaurav Johri

Gaurav Johri

Founder and CEO

Sharmila Saha

Sharmila Saha

Founder and Head of Engineering

Rajesh K

Rajesh K

Founder and Head of Products

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