About Us

Our Story

 A smart building IoT platform to be deployed across 120 buildings. 

Each building had 5000+ sensors, with 

different protocols and building management systems. 

The smart building software had 250+ rules for critical alerts and actions

The rules couldn't fail and had to be tested comprehensively against lots of scenarios. 

The building equipment was inaccessible, setting up a physical lab too expensive and recorded data did not have the required scenarios. The only option was to use a patchwork of custom stubs that did not provide the test coverage needed.  

Sharmila and Gaurav managed to deliver projects like these but it got them thinking that there had to be a much better way of doing this. 

What if app developers could build and test their apps without physical devices?  

What if all possible scenarios could be tested in a real world like environment ? 

What if  code could be moved into production confidently ?

The idea of Doppelio was born. 

Srinivas and Rajesh had dealt with multiple IoT programs and experienced similar challenges.  They were also bothered by the high failure rate among IoT programs. They saw Doppelio as the answer to this problem as well.

The four came together to bring Doppelio to life and are pursuing the mission of changing the way IoT Projects are delivered - moving from "Test and Pray" to Success Assurance


The Name

The concept of virtualized twins of devices and simulated environment is at the heart of our solution

Doppel means double or copy in German, as in doppelgänger

Hence doppel + io = doppelio 

Founding Team