Test automation platform for IoT applications

Comprehensive & faster testing across edge and cloud with virtual devices.


Create data twins (Doppels) of any device in our system. All you need is the device datasheet or some recorded data.


Simulate any number of device behaviour patterns and test any amount of load, on-demand



Automate the testing across the lifecycle  from Unit Testing to Post Release troubleshooting.

Introducing Doppels to accelerate your IoT testing. 

Any scenario. Any environment. Any device. Any scale.

A complete test automation platform that infinitely scales and accelerates your time to market.

Doppelio lets you Virtualize physical devices and Simulate their data behaviour in a few clicks. These simulated devices or Doppels and test scenarios will help you test your IoT Applications comprehensively while reducing dependence on physical devices. Go beyond testing limited lab devices to a full system of things and to a scale of a million devices.

Doppelio Platform

Delivering high value 

Reduced risk of failure

Faster time to market

Lower cost of quality

Doppelio Screen

From test and pray to success assurance – Easy to implement and packed with value.

As a fully managed SaaS platform, Doppelio provides on-demand scaling which lets you test for scale and performance with ease. 

See how our customers are leveraging Doppelio

Doppelio Connected Tractor Testing

Testing the connected tractors in multiple scenarios to build accuracy and reduce revenue leakage

Doppelio Connected Vehicles

Over the Air testing of connected vehicles to improve performance and reliability