IoT Test Automation Platform

Rapidly Test your Connected Products for Higher Loads and Faster Performance.


Create data twins (Doppels) of any device in our system. All you need is the device datasheet or some recorded data.


Simulate any number of device behaviour patterns and test any amount of load, on-demand. Anytime and anywhere.



Automate the testing across the lifecycle  from Unit Testing to Post Release troubleshooting.

IoT Test Automation is easy with Doppelio 

Any scenario. Any environment. Any device. Any scale.

Doppelio lets you Virtualize physical devices and Simulate their data behaviour in a few clicks. These simulated devices or Doppels and test scenarios will help you test your IoT Applications comprehensively while reducing dependence on physical devices. Go beyond testing limited lab devices to a full system of things and to a scale of a million devices.

Doppelio Platform

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David Gersabeck

Vice President, Connected Products at Otis Elevator Co.

Muralidhar MK

GM & Head of Engineering – Product Area Connectivity, Bosch Global Software Technologies

Naga Santhosh Kalicheti

Head of Engineering, Connected Vehicle Solutions, Bosch Global Software Technologies

Delivering high value 


For all your IoT testing needs

Manual, automated, functional, scale, network, performance testing. Test across the edge cases and cloud too.  


Easy to use and simple to manage

Low-code platform. Virtualize devices in a few clicks. Comes with pre-built library of models


On-demand scaling and continuous upgrades

Scales to 1+million devices and new releases ensure that you scale infinitely

See how our customers are leveraging Doppelio for IoT Testing

Rapid testing of a cloud security management platform for a very high scale to meet the frequent releases

Over the Air testing of connected vehicles to improve reliability, repeatability and scalability

Industrial product testing that were retrofitted with digital solutions to meet the load and scale requirements

Our Thoughts and Perspective on IoT Testing

Testing Blind Spots with Custom IoT Simulators

Testing Blind Spots with Custom IoT Simulators

Testing Blind Spots with Custom IoT SimulatorsA major challenge in testing IoT applications is recreating IoT device behaviour in terms of data, load and network scenarios. Many engineering teams find it tempting to develop their own simulators. After all they just...

Telematics Doppelio

Validation of Connected Vehicle Solutions

“The current set of tools and techniques are inadequate, costly or time consuming and there is excessive reliance on field tests,” says Rajesh K, Co-Founder, Doppelio. Read on to know more.